Marks & Spencer has around 400 stores worldwide

Marks & Spencer Steps Up China Expansion Efforts

Compared to other Western retailers that hit the Chinese market early (some of them now with hundreds of stores across Hong Kong and the mainland) Marks & Spencer is something of a paradox.

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Abercrombie & Fitch opened its inaugural Hong Kong flagship on August 11, 2012

Label Overload: How Many More Western Brands Can The Chinese Market Sustain?

Abercrombie & Fitch, Jack Wills, and COS are just a few of numerous mid- to high-end Western brands to open stores in Hong Kong last year. But for newcomers, will 2013 prove to be one year too late?

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Customer complaints don't follow regular business hours

The Three Rules Of Social Media Crisis Management

Crisis management is the most critical pillar of a genuine social media strategy, and yet it remains the most overlooked by companies.

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Recent months have seen an acceleration of shops closures in central districts of Hong Kong

When Regulation Is A Necessary Evil

Something is going on in Hong Kong that makes me wonder if the deliberate absence of regulation is just as harmful as over-regulation.

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D&G's "Swide magazine" keeps readers up to date on recent collectons and a range of lifestyle stories

The Fashion Media Paradox

What has complicated marketing and PR for smaller brands and fashion entrepreneurs is that mainstream brands have recently started to truly saturate the media space across Asia.

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Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design

Asia’s Next Design Hub: The Battle For Leadership

Why do Hong Kong entrepreneurs and designers feel the need to fly down to Singapore when Hong Kong is supposed to be "fashion heaven" for professionals and consumers alike?

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