Burberry's Fall/Winter 2015 fashion show. (Courtesy Photo)

Burberry Mulls China Price Cuts With Eye on Hong Kong

After noting “further deterioration in Hong Kong,” due to protests, the brand's CFO states that "as prices move, we would also move prices up or down in the same way."

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As a small boutique luxury hotel, the Hansar in Bangkok is seeing a rise in independent Chinese traveler numbers. (Courtesy Photo)

Independent Chinese Travelers Go Boutique in Bangkok

Although Chinese tour groups are ubiquitous in Thailand, China's maturing outbound tourism market means that more affluent travelers are going solo and seeking out unique accommodations.

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Chinese tourists at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. (Jing Daily)

Can Politics Influence Chinese Tourists’ Decision-Making Process? It Depends.

What types of political situations cause Chinese tourists to boycott countries en masse? We explain.

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Royal Caribbean Steers China’s Seaward Travelers Beyond Asian Cruises

As most Chinese cruise passengers opt to stay onboard ships within Asia, the cruise liner is hoping to get them to venture further abroad for packages in distant destinations.

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Report: Chinese Films are (Still) Flopping with Global Audiences

A new survey by a Chinese research firm finds that apart from kung-fu movies, China's film industry is struggling to produce blockbusters that resonate abroad.

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Value Retail Cashes in on Chinese Shoppers’ Turn Toward Experiential Luxury

Discounts are only part of the picture for the European luxury outlet retailer as it expands to reach China’s increasingly discerning upper-middle class.

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