The North and South Poles are increasingly popular travel spots for China's rich. (Flickr/Christopher Michel)

Experiential Travel is Key for China’s Ultra-Wealthy

While middle-class Chinese tourists often opt for tried-and-true destinations and group travel, China's experienced high-net-worth travelers are increasingly heading off the beaten path.

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Last year's LA Pride festival. (LA Pride)

West Hollywood Welcomes China’s Globe-Trotting LGBT Community With ‘We Do’ Campaign

Alibaba's "We Do" campaign supporting marriage for Chinese LGBT couples teams up with West Hollywood for its Pride celebrations.

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Korean Luxury Woos China’s Affluent

The president of South Korea's top chinaware brand Hankook talks to Jing Daily about Chinese consumers' growing obsession with all things Korea.

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A Jaguar on display in the Forbidden City in Beijing. (Weibo/Jaguar)

Jaguar Land Rover Shifts Into Lower Gear in Tougher China Market

From government regulations to China's luxury slowdown, the automaker faces a confluence of challenging factors in the world's most important car market.

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The International Luxury Conference 2015 in Seoul, South Korea on May 20-21. (Courtesy Photo)

5 Key Ways Luxury Can Adapt to How Chinese Consumers Shop Now

Digital developments, traveling Chinese shoppers, and millennials' preferences were among the crucial luxury marketing trends discussed at the recent International Luxury Conference 2015 in Seoul.

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A daigou seller was recently caught trying to smuggle five Prada bags into China, but can the government crack down on a mass scale? (Shutterstock)

Is China Really Cracking Down on ‘Luxury Smuggling’?

The recent bust of a luxury smuggler in Ningbo has brands wondering if the Chinese government will crack down harder on the country's booming gray market.

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