How Luxury Brands Can Reach China’s ‘Cash-Rich, Time-Poor’ Travelers

As China's number of outbound tourists gets bigger every year, the length of their travel time is getting smaller.

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Alibaba Cashes in on Big Chinese Demand for Duty-Free Luxury

Alibaba finds a way to benefit from Chinese demand to avoid luxury tariffs on the mainland—with no daigou agent required.

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Jing Daily_The New Chinese Student_Cover

Jing Daily Report Launch: ‘The New Chinese Student’

With affluent Chinese students heading to the United States in record numbers, Jing Daily's new report tells brands what they need to know about this crucial trend.

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Burberry Tmall

China’s Luxury E-Commerce Boom Means ‘Ostrich’ Brands Lose Out

With 74 percent of Chinese luxury consumers buying goods online, high-end labels can't afford to keep their "heads in the sand" when it comes to e-commerce.

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A Louis Vuitton store in Hangzhou, China. (Shutterstock)

Should Luxury Brands Give Up or Double Down on Mainland China?

With a multi-year luxury market slowdown in China, brands consider shifting more of their focus to tourist spending abroad.

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Currency-Savvy Chinese Shoppers Boost Luxury Brands in 2015

While LVMH and Kering's H1 results show that China's luxury slowdown continues, currency fluctuations are boosting their sales with Chinese shoppers across the globe.

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