Chinese Luxury Hotel Interest Rises 39 Percent In 2014

Despite taking a hit from China's ongoing anti-corruption campaign, a new report finds that high-end hotels remain more popular than ever with Chinese consumers.

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Hairy Crab at Le Sheng
Louis Vuitton and Cartier shops in Shanghai. (Shutterstock)

Bain: China Luxury Spending To Decline 1 Percent In 2014 (And Why Brands Shouldn’t Panic)

As the consultancy predicts negative growth for China's luxury market this year, Chinese shoppers spending abroad are boosting global numbers.

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In 2012, Yoox China teamed up with Supermodel Naomi Campbell to sell a line of specially designed t-shirts for Campbell's "Fashion for Relief" charity. (Yoox)

China’s 382 Million Millennials Demand Corporate Social Responsibility

This enormous group of young Chinese consumers expects the brands they're buying to be socially engaged and ready to make a difference.

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