Event Watch | Luxury Outlook: The End of the Asian Luxury El Dorado?

On March 31, join industry professionals to learn more about how Chinese consumers are driving the future of the global luxury market at the sixth annual Luxury Outlook conference in Paris.

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Chinese shoppers headed to the United States are in search of American brands like Coach, according to a new study. (Shutterstock)

Study: International Brands Have ‘Home-Turf’ Advantage with Chinese Tourists

According to recent analysis of social media comments by Chinese tourists, they're in search of homegrown brands when they travel abroad.

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The world's largest duty-free mall in Haitang Bay, Hainan. (Visit Hainan)

Can China’s Government ‘Repatriate’ its Citizens’ Luxury Spending?

Duty-free shops and customs crackdowns are among the Chinese government's efforts to cut down on the massive luxury gray market.

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Design Shanghai Highlights China’s Role as ‘Creative Powerhouse’

This year's Design Shanghai event showcases a higher number of emerging Chinese designers, some of whom are finding unique ways to twist traditional craftsmanship into more contemporary appeal.

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Daigou items listed on Instagram.

5 Ways China’s Daigou Market Does More Harm than Good for Luxury Brands

While China's online luxury gray market may lead to high global sales in the short-term, daigou sellers are bad news for any brand working to preserve its reputation in the long run.

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3 Key Ways Luxury Brands Can Fight China’s Online Counterfeits

As counterfeits sold online remain one of the toughest issues facing luxury brands in China, Jing Daily's new report details several effective ways to fight back against this market.

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